Our clients come to us for the best solution to achieve their objectives. We’ll select the most suitable interactive technology for the concept and audience.


Touch - The most intuitive way to interact

Perfect for both special events and permanent installations, our touch screens have a host of applications across sectors including retail, hospitality, corporate events and education.

We have produced bespoke touch screen experiences for leading global brands including Coca Cola and Sony, and they are equally at home in the foyer of a corporate headquarters or at a major product launch.

They will engage your audience and encourage participation and engagement with your products and services. With Arcstream AV you have access to the latest creative technology and expertise. You’ll have our support every step of the way, from the initial concept, through software design and development, to installation and maintenance.

Watch Touch in action

Touch projects:


Gesture - Create unique experiences purely by tracking people’s movement.

Whether it is tracking the whole body, a hand or kicking foot, we deliver activations that attract interest, trigger engagement and analyse behaviour.

From measuring the speed of commuters and telling them how quickly they could reach their destination, running virtual penalty shoot-outs or inviting consumers to make selections via hand gestures, each interaction creates a novel experience.

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Gesture projects:


Object ID - Twist and tap objects to increase engagement

Our object ID tables have multiple applications in retail, business and events…
Users are attracted first by the novelty of using objects to navigate an experience, and then feel an emotional connection between them and the item. When that’s the product itself or represents its logo, it creates a unique bond between the consumer and brand.

Each activation is bespoke to clients’ individual requirements – our expert teams push the boundaries of design and innovation, to create captivating visual effects, that enhance the user experience, increase engagement and propensity to purchase.

Watch Object ID in action

Object ID projects:


Extended Reality - Making the everyday world exceptional…

By blending the real world with the virtual, brands can literally bring their stories to life. At Arcstream we can help you transport your customers into your world. We’ll help you decide which version of extended reality works best for you and your audience. We work with you, from the initial concept and understanding your objectives, through design, production and set-up stages to create a unique experience that’s out of this world!

Virtual Reality

Immerse your customers in a whole new world of highly engaging experiences, ideal for promoting products and services. We combine technical expertise with creativity and flair to produce stunning results.

Augmented Reality

Enhancing real-world experiences
We have an impressive track record of developing highly imaginative and engaging AR applications across a range of industry sectors.

Mixed Reality

Merging the virtual and real worlds together
Mixed reality immerses your customers in both the physical and digital, interacting with a virtual environment while staying firmly in the world around them. This is extremely popular as it offers an experience that can change the way your customers engage with your brand.

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Extended Reality projects:


Mobile Experiences - Making the switch from face-to-face to mobile rewarding

Every customer experience involves a smartphone at some point. So, every activation we develop ultimately links brands and people together via their mobile phone. Whether this is to use QR codes to gather data as part of a value exchange, or to gain consent to continue the conversation as part of a customer journey.

At Arcstream we understand how to make the switch from face-to-face to mobile as natural, simple and rewarding for customers and brands alike.

Our clients are often keen to expand the reach of their experiential activity by adapting successful face-to-face apps and making them work on mobile phones, too. We have delivered this for brands like Ford and Coca Cola, giving them and additional return on the investment they have made. We understand how to make an experience that works well on, say, a touchtable table equally successful on a mobile phone.

We also understand how to make data-gathering as seamless and transparent as possible.

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Generative Art - Combining imagination with cutting edge technology to create unique experiences

Generative Art pieces lend themselves extremely well to permanent or temporary experiential marketing installations, and can create deep engagement for brands and concepts. We are helping companies utilise the capabilities of AI to deliver unique creations that encapsulate their value proposition in ever changing experiences.

The technology requires special hardware, software, skilful installation and maintenance to be successful.

The work involves images or audio that at least in some part are generated by a computer or algorithm. Often this involves data inputs to drive the creative outputs. For instance, real-time data of what the weather is doing is a popular input. But it could just as easily be the performance of the Stock Exchange, sentiment on social media or trading volumes. It could even be the number of people in the office or attending an event or location. Combine this tracking of movement or gestures and you can guarantee every output is different and in some way personal to the viewer.

See Generative Art in action


We are proud of the agencies and brands we work with and the experiences we create for them, working with them for many years on a number of ground-breaking activations.

Read our series of case studies that show off some of our favourite projects, detailing what our clients were looking to achieve and how we brought their ideas to life.